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Whether unstructured data is perceived as a liability or an asset, your organization’s inability to effectively identify, search and analyze vast amounts of data could have serious implications.

The Heureka Intelligence Platform gives you real-time access to unstructured data on network file systems, servers, laptops and desktops from a single user interface.


It’s time to change the rules of the game! The Heureka Intelligence Platform gives you a fighting chance by providing the ability to identify, search, and analyze unstructured data. Heureka’s unparalleled level of content and metadata visibility provides a method for organizations to determine what data is most important, where it’s located and who has access to it.


With deeper understanding of your data, you can tightly control and audit smaller data sets and apply different security measures to your most sensitive information.




  • Federated search across endpoint indexes for text and metadata

  • Search file based IOC by filename, hash or file content

  • Collect targeted data or IOC to a preservation share or sandbox

  • Search file anomalies to detect insider threats and data exfiltration points

  • Discover and monitor blacklisted software




More than 80% of an organization’s data is unstructured and resides on multiple file storage devices. Heureka makes it possible to quickly and surgically target data at its creation point where intelligent decisions can then be made regarding possible relevance. This all occurs before the needless over-collecting of data. Heureka’s unique approach drastically reduces discovery time and cost while significantly increasing endpoint visibility and transparency.




  • Full text and metadata search index that’s stored locally on each endpoint device

  • Analyze data in place before collection

  • Highly scalable with minimal infrastructure

  • Search millions of documents in seconds

  • Huge ROI in environments with remote office and employees




Shine a light on your dark data! The Heureka Intelligence Platform provides complete transparency and visibility into unstructured data across your network. Gathered intelligence is viewed through a single pane of glass where organizations gain real-time intelligence on potential and existing compliance issues.



  • Search unstructured data for keywords, metadata and regular expressions

  • Gain visibility into existing non-compliance events and gather intelligence on how they occurred

  • Proactively monitor data at rest

  • Create compliance “safe zones” and monitor sensitive data that appears in locations outside established zones




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